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Tax services

Boldness rewards those who know how to seize opportunities.

Exploring Tax Services

At Audacie, tax compliance becomes an art where strategy is based on your objectives. Like a fish in water, our team of experts navigate the intricacies of Canadian, U.S. and French tax regulations.

Taking Compliance to the Next Level

Our compliance department is a veritable fortress of expertise. From foreign subsidiaries to complex tax credits, we’ve got you covered. With an eye on the ever-changing tax landscape, we stay one step ahead to provide you with up-to-date advice. Trust us to meticulously manage your annual tax obligations and ensure your regulatory integrity.

Optimizing Taxes

Unlocking your organization’s full potential by offering integrated solutions to help your business transition and/or grow is part of our mission. We assess your structure from a legal and tax perspective, with a view to optimizing efficiency.

Our recommendations are tailored to your specific needs, whether for growth, succession, sale or acquisition. Our analysis paves the way for the wide range of consulting services we offer.

Facing up to Audits Together

When the auditors come knocking, we’re there to answer. Audacie offers you comprehensive, tailor-made assistance. Our services range from acting as a competent representative to the tax authorities on theoretical issues to rigorously compiling the necessary data when required.

Count on us for precise advice on any questions that may arise out of the blue.

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Human capital and governance services are provided by Audacie Inc.
Legal services are provided by Audacie Légal, an Audacie group company.
Each of the member entities of the Audacie group are separate legal entities that are not associated with or agents of the other member entities.

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