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Without boldness, there is only impossibility.

A prism of services at your fingertips

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With boldness one can undertake anything, but not do everything.

Save valuable time by leveraging our accounting background to develop the best possible strategies for your business.


Boldness serves to convince when one is not being heard.

Audacie stands out because of its commitment to professional integrity and impartiality. Benefit from the impeccable quality of our operational methods.


Boldness rewards those who know how to seize opportunities

Whether it’s tax optimization strategies that leave more money in your pocket, or it’s information on changes to the legislative framework that affect your investments, we’re here to make certain you have the knowledge and confidence to set a course for success.


The bold triumph over peril before it reaches them.

Our associates, staff and partners become an extension of your team. As advisors and mentors, we help you overcome challenging obstacles that stand in your way, and we celebrate your company’s excellence and financial success with you as you grow. For more details on our coaching services, click here.

Human Capital

The future belongs to the bold.

Today’s business landscape is constantly evolving and presenting new challenges. Audacie helps companies overcome these obstacles while optimizing their human resources to achieve their goals.


Prudence does not exclude a certain boldness.

In order to boost profitability, every company wants to assert its strength and credibility with investors, partners and customers.


One must be bold while respecting the rules.

Guided by Sandrine, our partner-notary, your legal explorers ensure that contracts are crystal-clear, that regulations are complied with, and that disputes are firmly resolved. Always passionate in what she does, Sandrine and her team help you understand the legal side of your financial journey.


The leaders of tomorrow are the bold young ones who dare today.

Ready to discover a world that combines adventure, growth and fun? Audacie is not just an employer, but a dynamic center of influence and passion where like-minded individuals come together to create an extraordinary synergy.

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Human capital and governance services are provided by Audacie Inc.
Legal services are provided by Audacie Légal, an Audacie group company.
Each of the member entities of the Audacie group are separate legal entities that are not associated with or agents of the other member entities.

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