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With boldness one can undertake anything, but not do everything.

Bookkeeping Services

Audacie offers a range of services encompassing a broad spectrum of tasks, each aimed at ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency in your company's financial operations.

Our services encompass several accounting tasks:

  • Exact recording of bank transactions on all company accounts.
  • Precise recording of corporate credit card transactions.
  • Thorough recording of sales invoices issued, matching them with payments received.
  • Detailed recording of purchase invoices received, fastidiously matching them to payments made.
  • Meticulous verification and recording of employee-generated expense reports.
  • Rapid preparation of commodity tax reports according to your production frequency.
  • Methodical bank reconciliation to ensure data accuracy.
  • Expert recording of payroll entries and preparation of government remittance forms.
  • Annual compilation of payroll data, with reporting to CSST and Commission des normes du travail, and production of necessary Records of Employment.
  • Timely submission of financial statements at the frequency you require.
  • Personalized accounting training for your employees or advice on the implementation of new software, as required.
  • Manage the transition to a more appropriate system or implement an accounting framework tailored to your specific needs.

Payroll Management

Audacie provides you with a dedicated payroll team, ready to navigate the complex world of managing your resources. Exceptional quality can be maintained, regardless of personnel changes.

Our Services :

  • Calculation of wages and benefits, as well as relevant deductions
  • Payroll production
  • Follow-up of vacation pay owed to employees
  • Preparation of wage declarations to tax and other authorities such as CNESST and Commission des normes du travail
  • Preparation of records of employment
  • Preparation of year-end tax slips (T4, RL1, T4A) and calculation of taxable benefits
  • T4 and RL1 production

Planning to explore other markets?

Our expertise extends beyond provincial borders. We’re equipped to manage your employees’ payroll, even if they’re scattered across several Canadian provinces.

Outsourcing the Finance Function

Avoid the headaches and costs associated with hiring staff in the event of a labor shortage.

We can supplement or replace the roles of your chief accountant, controller and CFO. You benefit from three-in-one expertise without the burden of paying extra salaries for this triumvirate of financial expertise.

In addition to the tasks in the “Bookkeeping” section, we perform:

  • Preparation of quarterly interim financial statements in accordance with ASPE or IFRS
  • Preparation of the quarterly management report
  • Preparation of the year-end file and management of the annual audit
  • Preparation and presentation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation and presentation of annual management report
  • Preparation of annual tax returns, including application for tax credits where applicable

Experience complete 3-in-1 outsourcing with us. 

Our experts can provide you with turnkey accounting and financial support.

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Human capital and governance services are provided by Audacie Inc.
Legal services are provided by Audacie Légal, an Audacie group company.
Each of the member entities of the Audacie group are separate legal entities that are not associated with or agents of the other member entities.

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