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Legal service

One must be bold while respecting the rules.

Real Estate Service

Are you planning a real estate transaction? We’re here to make sure your real estate buying or selling adventure goes smoothly, legally, and worry-free. Like a sentinel, we take care to guarantee legality, security, and transparency in all your transactions. We work with you to ensure that all parties comply with current laws and regulations. Let us bring you legal certainty and peace of mind in this complex field.


Let’s talk about a subject close to your heart: your inheritance. Imagine having the power to ensure that your assets go exactly where you want them to. No, it’s not magic, it’s a well-drafted will.

Who wouldn’t want to preserve family harmony and ensure that their loved ones are properly taken care of? Have you ever thought about the impact of a well-designed will on tax efficiency, or even on supporting the causes you hold dear?

Mandate of Protection

Let’s step up a gear and enter the world of business preparation. Imagine a scenario in which your company’s interests are protected even in uncertain times. That’s where the protection mandate comes in. Have you ever wondered about the value of appointing a trusted decision-maker to lead the way in difficult times?

Family Trusts

Now let’s talk about something that’s permanent in nature: a family trust. Beyond business, it’s about fostering stability from one generation to the next. Wouldn’t it be nice to protect your business from big storms and conflicts, and ensure a lasting legacy?

Corporate Matters

This is where our expertise comes into its own: in corporate matters. From complex incorporation processes to orchestrating mergers, we become your trusted guide through the corporate maze.

Can you imagine the harmonious collaboration of experts around a table, all working together to chart the best course for you? It’s a real bridge to success.

With Audacie, it’s not just about services, but about a personalized, tailor-made journey marked by knowledge, efficiency and absolute control. Imagine a dedicated notary at your side, understanding your needs and guiding you every step of the way. It’s like having a partner who’s invested in your success. Are you ready to enter a world where your aspirations find the ideal framework to flourish?

Whether you’re a business owner or just curious, don’t hesitate to write to us. Our legal team is here to make sure all your questions are answered.

Legal services are provided by Audacie Légal, an Audacie Group company.

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Human capital and governance services are provided by Audacie Inc.
Legal services are provided by Audacie Légal, an Audacie group company.
Each of the member entities of the Audacie group are separate legal entities that are not associated with or agents of the other member entities.

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